OECD Competition Open Day 2019


27 February 2019  OECD Conference Centre, Paris 


330 x 330

The OECD Competition Open Day will offer a unique opportunity to discuss cutting-edge topics recently addressed by the OECD Competition Committee. The inaugural event in Paris will include sessions on: 

  • Vertical restraints and exclusionary practices in e-commerce 

  • Non-price competition in digital markets

  • Excessive prices in pharmaceutical markets

  • Gun jumping and pre-closing exchanges of information

This event is open not only to competition experts and government representatives but also to competition lawyers, economists, consultants, in-house counsels, regulators, representatives of academia and the media



OECD Conference Centre, 2 rue André-Pascal, 75016 Paris, France.



If you haven't received an invitation yet, you may pre-register here.



Enquiries relating to this event can be addressed to Angelique Servin.


Two workshops for competition officials only will be held the day before and the day after this conference. For more information see:

Workshop on Recent Challenges in Competition and IP in Pharmaceutical Markets (26 February)

Workshop on Competition in Publicly Funded Markets (28 February)


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