Mexico - strengthening the competition and regulation framework


The Mexico-OECD Co-operation to Strengthen Competitiveness in Mexico is constructed around 2 pillars: competition and regulatory improvement. Launched in 2008, this multi-year project supports improving the competitiveness of the Mexican economy by reforming and modifying the regulatory and institutional framework to encourage higher levels of investment, employment and growth.


This overview provides an introduction to the competition pillar which focuses on increasing competition in product markets. This process identifies regulations and policies that unnecessarily restrict competition, and develops alternatives to make regulation more pro-competitive, using the framework of the Competition Assessment Toolkit. This work is done in cooperation with the Mexican Federal Competition Commission (CFC) and the Ministry of Economy of Mexico.


The project is coordinated by the Vice-Ministry for Competitiveness and Standardisation of the Ministry of Economy of Mexico. Toolkit project proposals are developed by a technical group overseen by CFC in cooperation with the Competition Division of the OECD.


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Competition Assessment Toolkit

OECD Recommendation on Competition Assessment


Using the Competition Assessment Toolkit

The Toolkit contains a checklist that signals when there is a potential competition problem that should be investigated in more depth (along the lines of those regularly conducted by Competition Authorities). The checklist identifies potential problems if the policy, law or regulation will:

  • Limit the number or range of suppliers, e.g. establishes a license process as an operation requirement
  • Limit the ability of suppliers to compete, e.g. significantly raises production costs of new entrants relative to incumbents
  • Reduce the incentive of suppliers to compete vigorously; reduce mobility of consumers between suppliers

If a more in-depth investigation reveals that there is an undue restriction on competition, the Toolkit contains advice on alternatives that may offset or mitigate potential harm to competition while still achieving the policy objective of the original law/regulation.



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