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Published regularly, this newsletter reports on the activities of the OECD/GVH Regional Centre for Competition. It provides information about recent cases and developments in the participating economies in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. News, case studies and articles from this region are welcome. If you have material that you wish to be considered for publication, please contact Sabine Zigelski ( and Andrea Dalmay (

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Issue 5 - July 2015

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OECD Hungary Centre Newsletter

Meeting Reports

  • Recent and forthcoming OECD-GVH RCC centre's activities (including several seminars and judge trainings) [See also: Calendar of Activities]

  • OECD June 2015 Competition Meetings - Topics included: Competition Issues in Liner Shipping, Public and Private Antitrust Enforcement in Competition, Auctions and Tenders, Disruptive Innovation, Oligopoly Markets and other events.
  • 10th Anniversary of the RCC


  • 25 Years Like Just a Single Day !

  • Competition Assessment - An Introduction to the OECD Toolkit
  • Competition Assessment of Laws and Regulations in Greece
  • Overview of the Hungarian Competition Advocacy Regime.

  • Approaches to Demonstrating that a Competition Agency is Good Value for Money
  • Promoting Pro-Competitive Reforms that Foster Growth and Reduce Inequality

Previous issues

Issue 4 - February 2015 English  | Русский  (pdf)

OECD-GVH RCC Centre activities; Summary of OECD competition meetings held in June and October 2014; Behavioural Merger Remedies and Small Economies; Aspects of Commitment Decision Policy in Antitrust in Croatian; GVH Accepts MOL’s Proposal on Diesel Pricing;
Structural and Behavioural Commitments in Merger and Antitrust Proceedings.


Issue 3 - June 2014 English  | Русский  (pdf)

OECD-GVH RCC Centre activities; meeting reports; OECD work on International Co-operation; OECD Review of Competition Law and Policy in Romania; New Developments Concerning Buyer Power - A Common European Approach towards Unfair Trading Practices Legislation?; Application of the Leniency Institute in the Republic of Serbia; Main Features of Antimonopoly Regulation; Control in the Electricity Sector in the Russian Federation.


Issue 2 - February 2014 English  | Русский (pdf)

OECD-GVH RCC Centre activities; meeting reports; Competition and Quality; Cartel Detection Methods in Hungary; Pay-For-Delay Deals; Serbian Law on Protection of Competition; Leniency Programme for Participation in Anticompetitive concerted actions in Ukraine; Monitoring in the Banking Sector in Kosovo; Competition Law and Policy in Montenegro.


Issue 1 - September 2013 - English | Русский 

OECD-GVH RCC Centre activities; meeting reports; National Health Insurance Fund Act Restricts Competition in the Retail Market of Reimbursable Drugs in Bulgaria; Croatian Competition Enforcement Challenges; The Development of the Leniency Programme in Hungary; Antitrust Regulation in the Field of Intellectual Property.


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