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  • Boosting competition will help Greece’s consumers and businesses

    Lifting many of the regulations stifling business competition in Greece would benefit both consumers, through lower prices, and firms, via higher turnover.

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  • Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy

    November 2016: The OECD held roundtable discussions on Land transport, agency decision-making, geographic market definition, Big Data and price discrimination. Background papers, presentations and contributions from experts and delegations are already available. See more about these topics.

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  • 2016 Global Forum on Competition

    1-2 December 2016 - More than 100 delegations worldwide came together in Paris to discuss competition and protecting human rights; the role of market studies as a tool to promote competition; the independence of competition authorities; and sanctions in antitrust cases.

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Well-designed competition law, effective enforcement and competition-based economic reform promote growth and employment. The OECD actively encourages governments to tackle anti-competitive practices and fosters market-oriented reform throughout the world.

Reference guide on ex-post evaluation of competition enforcement decisions 


Challenges of international co-operation in competition law enforcement

Global Relations and Regional Programmes

Providing capacity building to competition officials around the globe.

Regional Centres: Hungary | Korea

Evaluation of Competition Interventions ‌‌

Assessing competition policy effects and methods of intervention.

International Co-operation and Competition Enforcement

Monitoring co-operation and developing new efficient solutions.

Global Forum
on Competition

Fostering policy dialogue among high-level competition officials from around the world.

Competition Assessment

Helping governments to eliminate barriers to competition.


Guidelines for Fighting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement

‌Designing public procurement to fight collusive tenders.


Latin American and Caribbean
Competition Forum

‌Promoting dialogue, consensus building and networking in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Best Practice Roundtables
and other key materials

‌‌Sharing experiences and analysis on competition policy.

Calendar of Competition Activities

OECD events including regional centres