Corporate governance principles

The First Abu Dhabi Corporate Governance Conference, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 14 October 2009


“Corporate Governance in the UAE: Current Realities … Future Prospects”

What has been the pace of reform of the corporate governance

framework and practices in the United Arab Emirates?

What are the remaining challenges and the intentions

 of regulators and policy makers in addressing them?


These were some of the questions addressed during the first corporate governance conference organised by the Abu Dhabi Center for Corporate Governance, part of the Abu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The OECD has cooperated with the Center in organising this event, which has served to advance the discussions on corporate governance challenges and progress in the UAE, and in particular in Abu Dhabi.


The OECD presentation touched upon the role of the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance in improving frameworks and practices in member and non-member countries. It also touched upon the lessons learned from the financial crisis for the MENA region and to what extent they differ from those for OECD member countries.


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