Corporate governance principles

National and regional presentations of the White Paper on Corporate Governance in South Eastern Europe


The White Paper on Corporate Governance in South East Europe  has been presented in the following countries.

  • Skopje (FYROM) in June 2003; at an event jointly organised by the Macedonian Stock Exchange, the Securities Commission and the USAID Corporate Governance Project. This event gathered 150 participants (all MSE listed companies, banks, brokerage houses, state officials, judges and lawyers) and attracted significant press coverage. A translation of the White Paper in Macedonian was distributed.
  • Greece; the 1st International Capital Market Conference in Thessaloniki on 20-21 September.  This event, organised by the Thessaloniki Stock Exchange and the Athens Stock Exchange welcomed participants from 12 different countries and enhanced efforts for regional development of the capital markets.  The White Paper was presented by a team of Roundtable participants.
  • Romania; at two high level events in Bucharest in September 2003, one organised jointly by the Shareholders Association and the Bucharest Stock Exchange, the other by the International Investment Forum for Central and South-East Europe.
  • Croatia, at the third Regional Finance & Investment Conference held in Dubrovinik in October 2003.
    The 3rd annual Corporate Governance Seminar organised by the Center for Competitiveness and Corporate Governance (3GC), a Bosnia & Herzegovina non-governmental association in December 2003, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
    GCGF – IFC PEP SEE Media Corporate Governance Workshop, May 2006, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.


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