Corporate governance principles

3rd Meeting of the Russian Corporate Governance Roundtable


15-17 November 2000

The OECD/World Bank sponsored Russian Corporate Governance Roundtable met for the third time in Moscow on 15-17 November to assess the quality of information disclosure in Russian enterprises. Building on a process established 18 months ago, high-level government officials and business leaders met with international experts and investors to explore the role of disclosure in improving the investment climate in Russia; to improve the understanding of the practices in this area and consider impediments to the implementation of better disclosure standards in Russia; and thereby to help guide future reform efforts in Russia, identifying key areas for improvement both at the regulatory level and in private practice. The first draft of the White Paper, an agenda for action on corporate governance with concrete recommendations addressed to specific institutions involved in reforms, was also discussed for the first time. A private-to-private dialogue was launched between major Russian companies and institutional investors.



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