Corporate governance principles

2nd Meeting of the Russian Corporate Governance Roundtable


24-25 February 2000

The second meeting of the Russian Corporate Governance Roundtable took place in Moscow, on 24-25 February. The discussion focused on the rules, procedures, practices and institutions for protection of shareholder rights in Russia. The emphasis was on the legal framework and its implementation, institution-building and corporate practices. Through this continuous dialogue between investors, corporations, judges, regulators, market practitioners, civil society, foreign and domestic experts, the Roundtable participants contributed to promoting reforms by building mutual understanding and confidence while learning from each other's experience. The dialogue used the multilaterally agreed OECD Corporate Governance Principles as a conceptual framework and benefited from well-tested international approaches in order to help Russia identify its own solutions. The meeting was co-sponsored by the OECD, World Bank Group and the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).



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