Corporate governance of state-owned enterprises

Privatisation and Capital Market Development in Asia: A Comparative Perspective and Lessons from the International Experience


11-12 May 2000 - Denpasar

Transformation of state-owned enterprises, including through privatisation, has been an important policy in most APEC member countries. Privatisation is also seen as a key element of the efforts to accelerate recovery from the recent financial crisis, rehabilitate the enterprise sector, improve corporate governance and develop capital markets in Asia. These efforts share additional important objectives: more investment, more jobs and more efficient mechanisms for allocation of resources in the Asian economies. The analysis of the recent experience with privatisation in Asia and the current privatisation programmes is, thus, very timely and the lessons from the OECD experience can lead to specific recommendations and conclusions for the successful design and implementation of privatisation policies in Asia.

On 11-12 May 2000, a group of senior government officials from Germany, Italy, France, Korea and other OECD economies met with their counterparts from Indonesia, Thailand and other key APEC economies to exchange experience on privatising state-owned enterprises and developing capital markets. This meeting was hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Investment and State-Owned Enterprises.

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