Corporate governance of state-owned enterprises

Asia Network on Corporate Governance of State Owned Enterprises - Singapore, 15-16 May 2006


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The Asia Network on Corporate Governance of SOEs met on 15-16 May in Singapore under the auspices of the Asian Corporate Governance Roundtable.

This first meeting was hosted by the Singapore Institute of Directors and focused on the first two chapters of the Guidelines, namely the legal and regulatory framework and the role of the state as an owner.

The Asia Network on Corporate Governance of SOEs brings together the experience of experts from all Asian economies and is planned to develop into a high-level hub for a structured policy dialogue on corporate governance of SOEs in Asia, using the Guidelines as a framework for discussion.

The objectives of the Network are:

  • to raise awareness of all concerned constituencies on the importance and challenges related to the good corporate governance of SOEs;
  • to evaluate the current SOE corporate governance policy frameworks and practices, and benchmarking these against international good practice as described in the Guidelines;
  • to influence policy making by providing a forum in which policy makers, practitioners and experts can share knowledge and experience among themselves and with their OECD peers;
  • to support viable and effective reforms in the area of SOE corporate governance, by discussing and analysing policy options, developing relevant recommendations and agreeing on priorities for reforms adapted to the conditions in Asian economies.


Synthesis Note

Landscape: Recent policy reforms in SOE governance

Selective Tour de table on recent policy reforms

Theme I: Challenges ahead to level the playing field between SOEs and the private sector

Theme II: The role of the state as an owner

Theme III: The organisation of the ownership function within the state administration

Theme IV: The State ownership policy

Theme V: The accountability of the ownership function

General information on Corporate Governance of SOEs

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