Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs

The Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs assists policy makers to foster fair and efficient markets which deliver inclusive economic growth and, in turn, better lives. 

In focus

Corporate Bond Markets in a Time of Unconventional Monetary Policy
Global outstanding debt in the form of corporate bonds issued by non-financial companies has hit record levels. This paper documents a number of elevated risks and vulnerabilities associated with this development and looks at how the quality of today’s outstanding stock of corporate bonds differs from earlier credit cycles.

Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum
20-21 March 2019 - Blockchain, big data analytics, AI and other new technologies are transforming governments, businesses and society. Debates at this event will address the risks and opportunities of new technologies for anti-corruption and integrity.

OECD Summit on Going Digital
11-12 March 2019 - This event will put the spotlight on the importance of the digital transformation for growth and well-being and will include the official launch of the Going Digital Synthesis Report.


Green finance and investment

The OECD Centre on Green Finance and Investment is helping to catalyse and support the transition to a green, low-emissions and climate-resilient economy through the development of effective policies, institutions and instruments.

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