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Development Co-operation
Report 2012
  • Summary (PDF: EN, FR)
  • DAC members' aid performance in 2011 (PDF: EN, FR)
  • Aid to environment (PDF: EN, FR)
Global Partnership for Effective
Development Co-operation
External development finance

Key issues at a glance

  • Aid untying:  Making budgets go further (PDF: EN, FR)
  • Building blocks to prosperity: The Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals (PSGs)
    (PDF: EN, FR)
  • Building on comparative advantage (PDF: EN, FR)
  • Creating a hub for transparency (PDF: EN, FR)
  • Enhancing the development effectiveness of international climate finance
    (PDF: EN, FR)
  • Improving aid allocation (PDF: EN, FR)
  • Limiting proliferation (PDF: EN, FR)

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