2009 Survey of the Fragile States Principles


2011 Survey l Monitoring the FSPs

2009 Survey Methodology:

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   French (pdf, 700 kB)


Chair: Democratic Republic of Congo

   • Afghanistan
   • Central African Republic
   • Democratic Republic of Congo
   • Haiti
   • Sierra Leone
   • Timor-Leste

Ambassador Gilles Rivard (Canada) and former Prime Minister Michelle Pierre-Louis (Haiti) at a national consultation on the Fragile States Principles (May 2009, Port-au-Prince)

The 2009 methodology was prepared by DR Congo and the OECD DAC Secretariat based on discussions among six participating countries and members of the OECD’s International Network on Conflict and Fragility (INCAF).

The survey was designed to be qualitative, iterative and participatory. The methodology was also defined as complementary to the 2008 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration. It does not aim to create a new process, but to take place within existing planning frameworks and processes, e.g. Annual Priorities in Timor-Leste; the Poverty Reduction Srategy Paper (PRSP) in Haiti; the PRSP, Integrated Peacebuilding Strategy and the "Dialogue politique inclusif" in CAR; and the National Development Strategy in Afghanistan.

2009 National Consultations


National Co-ordinator:Hamid JALIL
International Focal Points: UNAMA (Mark WARD) and the UK (Alan WHAITES)
Multistakeholder meeting: 16-17 June 2009 (agenda / fact sheet)
Multistakeholder validation: Last quarter 2009


National Co-ordinator:Bendert BOKIA
International Focal Points:France,The African Development Bank and UNDP (DIARRA Becaye)
Multistakeholder meeting: 21-22 July 2009 (agendafact sheet)
Multistakeholder validation: Last quarter 2009

 DR Congo

National Co-ordinator:Benjamin BONGE
International Focal Point:MONUC/UNDP (Ross MOUNTAIN)
Multistakeholder meeting: 3-4 June 2009 (agenda)
Multistakeholder validation: Sept-Oct 2009


National Co-ordinator:Yves Robert JEAN
International Focal Point:Canada (Roberts WADDLE)
Multistakeholder meeting:20-21 May 09 (agenda / fact sheet)
Multistakeholder validation: Sept-Oct 2009

 Sierra Leone

National Co-ordinator: Kawusu KEBBAY
International Focal Points:UNIPSIL (Michael v. SCHULENBURG)and the UK (Dominic O'NEILL)
Multistakeholder meeting:19-20 October 2009 (agenda / fact sheet
Multistakeholder validation: Last quarter 2009


National Co-ordinator: Helder DA COSTA
International Focal Point: World Bank, Homa FOTOUHI
Multistakeholder meeting: 2-3 March 2009 (agenda / press release)
Multistakeholder validation: Sept-Oct 2009



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