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December 2017
DAC line

 6  Peer Review Korea  
6-7 Second International TOSSDTask Force Meeting, Costa Rica  

November 2017
DAC line

 6-9  INCAF DLM  
 6-25  COP 23, Bonn  
 14-15  DAC Evaluation Network Meeting  
 28  DAC Meeting  


October 2017
DAC line

 4  Africa Economic Forum  
24-25  14th Steering Committee Meeting of the Global Partnership, Bangladesh  
25  Peer Review Finland  
17  Launch Development Co-operation Report  
30-31  DAC HLM  

September 2017
DAC line

6-8  DCF Argentina High-level Symposium, Buenos Aires  
11  Co-ordination of Blended Finance Initiatives  
12-25  UNGA, NYC  
20  Peer Review Luxembourg  
21  DAC Meeting  
28-29  Formal Environet Meeting  

July 2017
DAC line

2-4 Tidewater, Lisbon  
6 DAC Meeting  
7 Second Senior Advisory Group Meeting on Developing Blended Finance Principles, Brussels  
10-19 High Level Political Forum, New York  
11 Launch of 6th Global Review of Aid for Trade, Geneva  


June 2017
DAC line


 DAC Senior Level Meeting


 Development Co-operation Report 2017 - Launch of the Profiles of providers of development co-operation


 DAC Working Party on Development Finance Statistics (WP-STAT)


 Peer Review Slovenia



May 2017
DAC line

 15  Temporary Working Group on Refugees  
 15-19  DAC Network on Governance (GOVNET) Plenary Meeting  
 22-26  Workshop on Impact Investment in Asia, Bangkok  
 24  Peer Review Netherlands  


April 2017
DAC line

 6-7  DAC Network on Environment and Development Co-operation (ENVIRONET)  
 20-21  MOPAN Steering Committee  


March 2017
DAC line

 28-2  WP-STAT Informal Meeting and Workshop  
 8  Peer Review Iceland  
 9  DAC Meeting  
 13  Temporary Working Group on Refugees & Migration  
 20-24  DAC/AGID Meeting  
 21  DAC-TUAC Forum  
 27-28  Arab-DAC Dialogue, Bern  


Febuary 2017
DAC line

 2  DAC Meeting  
 22-23  20th Meeting of DAC Network on Development Evalution  
 28 - 2
 WP-STAT Informal Meeting and Workshop  


January 2017
DAC line

 26  Council on Development  


December 2016
DAC line

 28-1  GPEDC High Level Meeting 2, Nairobi  
 6  DAC Meeting  



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