Statistical Sources and Methods

  • 7-April-2015


    Amounts mobilised from the private sector for development

    The development community has shown wide interest in better understanding the mobilisation effect of public development finance. Two Surveys were launched by the DAC Secretariat in 2013 and 2014, with the objective of exploring the feasibility of measuring in the DAC system the amounts mobilised by public development finance.

  • 25-February-2015


    Non-ODA flows to developing countries: Innovative financing for development

    Innovative financing for development refers to initiatives that aim to raise new funds for development, or optimise the use of traditional funding sources. They aim to narrow the gap between the resources needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and the resources actually available.

  • 24-February-2015


    Non-ODA flows to developing countries: Remittances

    In the context of the current global financial crisis, remittances represent an important source of finance for many developing countries, especially as they tend to rise during downturns in the receiving economy – unlike capital flows such as foreign direct investment, which tend to fall.

  • 24-February-2015


    Non-ODA flows to developing countries: Export credits

    In parallel with ODA, export credits extended by official-export credit agencies also help finance large-scale projects in key sectors such as infrastructure, especially when they are perceived as economically viable.

  • 12-February-2015


    DAC List of ODA Recipients

    The DAC List of ODA Recipients: An information note on the revision of the DAC List.

  • 5-December-2014


    OECD Statistics on External Development Finance Targeting Environmental Objectives Including the Rio Conventions

    Statistics on external development finance extended with the purpose of assisting developing countries in the implementation of the three Rio Conventions.

  • 27-November-2014

    Spanish, Excel, 157kb

    Es AOD?

    Esta nota ayuda a los donantes a decidir si un determinado gasto cumple los criterios para ser Ayuda Oficial al Desarrollo (AOD) y, es complementaria a las Directivas de Información Estadística (Statistical Reporting Directives) del Comité de Ayuda al Desarrollo (CAD).

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  • 13-May-2014


    Islamic Development Bank statistical reporting to the DAC

    In collaboration with the Statistics and Development Finance Division of the DCD-OECD, ISDB has mapped its financial instruments to the OECD-DAC's reporting system.

  • 6-March-2014

    English, PDF, 505kb

    Aid to Agriculture and Rural development to 2011

    Summary charts tables covering aid (ODA) to the Agriculture and Rural Development sector focusing on main donors and recipients with detail covering 2006-7, 2008-9 and 2010-11 with a time series from 1975 to 2011.

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  • 18-February-2014

    English, PDF, 423kb

    Addendum 3

    Addendum 3 to the DAC Converged Statistical Reporting Directives

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