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  • 30-March-2009


    Development aid at its highest level ever in 2008

    In 2008, total net official development assistance (ODA) from members of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) rose by 10.2% in real terms to USD 119.8 billion. This is the highest dollar figure ever recorded. It represents 0.30% of members’ combined gross national income.

  • 10-March-2009


    Invitation to OECD event at the World Water Forum - 17 March

    The OECD will release a new report – Managing Water for All: Pricing and Financing – at an event during the World Water Forum in Istanbul.

  • 3-December-2008


    Creditor Reporting System 2008: Aid Activities in Support of Water Supply and Sanitation

    This publication presents comprehensive statistics on aid flows in support of water supply and sanitation for the years 2001-2006, including trends in donors’ aid and the degree of targeting of countries most in need.

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  • 30-November-2008

    English, , 193kb

    DAC sector classification: rules on the frequency of updates to purpose codes

    This note presents rules on the frequency of updates to purpose codes as agreed by the DAC Working Party on Statistics (WP-STAT) at its meeting on 12-13 June 2008. Their objective is to maintain a minimum stability in the statistical series on aid by sector (too frequent changes obstruct analyses) and ensure the comparability of members’ reporting (lost if all members do not implement the changes at the same time). Another objective

  • 28-November-2008

    English, , 3,932kb

    Focus charts water sector, disbursements 2004-2006

    Statistics on aid to the water sector

  • 28-November-2008

    English, , 4,795kb

    Water commitments, average 2004-2006

    Statistics on aid to the water sector

  • 3-November-2008

    English, , 879kb

    Is it Official Development Assistance (ODA)?

    This note helps donors to decide whether a particular expenditure qualifies as official development assistance (ODA). It supplements the DAC Statistical Reporting Directives.

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      DAC Statistical Reporting Directives
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  • 7-October-2008

    English, , 391kb

    Measuring Aid to Health

    Statistics presented in this note relate to Official Development Assistance (ODA) for health.

  • 3-October-2008

    English, Excel, 102kb

    Calculation of the grant element of aid loans (xls calculator)

    The grant element reflects the financial terms of a transaction: interest rate, maturity and grace period. Only loans with a grant element above 25% qualify as ODA/OA. The attached document includes the grant element formula and examples.

  • 11-July-2008


    Information Note on the DAC Deflators

    The DAC deflators adjust for both price and exchange rate changes, so that all flows, from all donors, in all years, are expressed in terms of a readily understood fixed unit of measurement - the purchasing power of a US dollar in a recent year, referred to as the base year.

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