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  • 29-January-2004


    OECD Report Shows Rising Aid Flows but More Effort Needed to Reach Monterrey Goals

    Major aid donors still have a long way to go if they are to reach the levels of aid pledged at the UN Financing for Development Conference in Monterrey, Mexico, even though they have increased outlays in the last few years, according to the OECD’s annual Development Co-operation Report.

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  • 18-December-2003


    Japan um Anpassung der Politik und Ressourcen an die neue Hilfsvision bemüht

    Im Jahr 2002 betrugen Japan's Nettoleistungen für die öffentliche Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (ODA) 9.3 Mrd. US Dollar. Damit verlor Japan seine Position als bedeutendster Geber bilateraler Leistungen und fiel auf den zweiten Rang zurück.

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  • 17-December-2003


    Japan Strives to Align Policies and Resources with New Aid Vision

    Japan's net official development assistance (ODA) was USD 9.3 billion in 2002, making it the world's second largest donor.

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  • 21-November-2003


    DAC's recommendations as Ireland prepares for a USD 1 billion development co-operation programme

    In a major review of Ireland's development co-operation programme, the OECD's Development Assistance Committee (DAC) noted that Ireland's official development assistance (ODA) rose dramatically over the past decade.

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  • 28-May-2003

    English, , 393kb

    Aid for water supply and sanitation (February 2003)

    Short analysis of trends in aid for water extended by members of the DAC and multilateral institutions, prepared by the DAC Secretariat for the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto.

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  • 17-April-2003


    Development Ministers and Heads of Aid Agencies to meet at OECD

    This OECD Development Assistance Committee High Level meeting takes place at a time of increasing donations and heightened economic and political concerns. Development Ministers and heads of aid agencies responsible for 95% of aid will discuss th...

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  • 31-July-2002

    English, , 57kb

    Highlights of publication on Aid Targeting the Objectives of the Rio Conventions 1998-2000 (August 2002)

    Short analysis of biodiversity, climate change and desertification related aid extended by the members of the DAC. Contribution by the DAC Secretariat for the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg.

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  • 22-March-2002

    German, , 14kb

    Entwicklungszusammenarbeit 2001 Bericht Neuer Schwung, neue Herausforderungen

    Final figures show that Net Official Development Assistance (ODA) to developing countries by DAC Members in 2000 was USD 53.7 billion. In real terms the flow was little changed from 1999: down 0.4%. There would have been a slight rise if some cou...

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  • 12-December-2001


    ODA Steady in 2000; Other Flows Decline

    Net aid to developing countries (official development assistance, or ODA) from DAC Members in 2000 was USD 53.7 billion, slightly higher than the preliminary figure of USD 53.1 billion. In real terms the flow was little changed from 1999: down 0...

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  • 1-December-2001

    English, , 54kb

    Aid to Agriculture (December 2001)

    Short analysis of trends in aid to agriculture extended by members of the DAC and multilateral institutions. How much aid has been extended to date? Who are the main donors? Is aid targeted to where it is most needed?

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