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Measuring Aid to Agriculture


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Publication Date: April 2010


Since the mid 1980s, aid to agriculture has fallen by 43% but recent data indicate a slowdown in the decline, and the beginnings of an upward trend. The share of aid to agriculture in DAC members’ aid programmes has declined even more sharply: from 17% in the late 1980s to 6% in recent years, revealing a clear relative neglect of the sector.

In 2007-08, total annual average aid commitments to agriculture amounted to USD 7.2 billion. Among DAC members, the largest donors in 2007-08 were the United States (on average USD 1.4 billion per year), Japan (USD 1 billion) and France (USD 582 million).

Over the period 2003-08, aid flows to agriculture primarily targeted Sub-Saharan Africa (31%) and South and Central Asia (22%). Least developed countries and other low income countries received more than half of total aid to agriculture.


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