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Focus on aid in support of HIV/AIDS control



Definition: The DAC defines aid in support of HIV/AIDS control as all activities related to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS control (e.g. information, education, communication, testing, prevention, treatment and care) and all activities related to social mitigation of HIV/AIDS (special programmes to address the consequences of HIV/AIDS, e.g. social, legal and and economic assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS).



Previous documentation on this topic:

  • Paper Measuring Aid in support of HIV/AIDS control , 2000-04. The data have been verified by DAC members in June 2006 in preparation for the XVI International AIDS Conference to be held in Toronto in August 2006.
  • Report Aid Activities in Support of HIV/AIDS control, 2000-02 data. This report  presents the results of a review of statistical data on aid to HIV/AIDS control, carried out by the DAC Secretariat in collaboration with members of the DAC Working Party on Statistics (WP-STAT) and UNAIDS between February and May 2004.


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Statistics on total aid to HIV/AIDS control, 2005-09

Statistics on aid to HIV/AIDS control by donor, 2009

Statistics on aid to HIV/AIDS control by recipient, 2009 



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