Development finance statistics

Detailed final 2013 aid figures released by OECD/DAC


The detailed final aid figures for 2013 are now available (since 19 December 2014) on the OECD Aid Statistics web site. The new data add significant detail to preliminary Official Development Assistance (ODA) statistics that were released in April 2014.


The final figures show that in 2013, net ODA was USD 134.5 billion, representing 0.30% of DAC donors’ combined gross national income.

This data release includes detailed spending in 2013 on:

  • Aid (ODA) and other resource flows (other official and private flows) by donor and recipient countries;
  • Aid (ODA) by region and sector (such as education and health);
  • Information at a project level; and,
  • Additional information such as policy markers, interest rates, tying status etc.  

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The data are free of charge and can accessed in a number of formats. See


The new data are also available through the following:

The richness, comprehensiveness and scope of coverage make the OECD’s Aid Statistics data unique. They cover ODA and other aid and development-related official and private flows from the 29 Development Assistance Committee (DAC) members, multilateral agencies, regional development banks, a large number of non-DAC providers of development cooperation and flows from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The OECD estimates that it captures 95% of global ODA spending.

By collecting and publishing these data, the OECD-DAC aims to promote transparency, and help improve the design and effectiveness of global aid programmes.


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