Aid statistics

Database updates for DAC and CRS online


The DAC and CRS online databases were updated on 12 October 2015. 

The updates now included detailed final data on resource flows in 2014 for:

  • DAC donors: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
  • Non-DAC providers of development finance: Bulgaria, Chinese Taipei, Hungary, Israel, Kuwait Fund, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Thailand.
  • International organisations: African Development Bank and Fund, Caribbean Development Bank, EBRD, FAO, GEF, Global Green Growth Institute, Global Fund, Inter-American Development Bank and Fund, OFID, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNPBF, WHO.

Since the last update in June 2015, several data were also revised for previous years.

The DAC and CRS online databases are updated every quarter (April, June, September, December).

Watch this space! The complete and detailed data on resource flows in 2014 will be released in December 2015.