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Promoting Pro-Poor Growth: Policy Guidance for Donors


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ISBN Number: 978-92-64-02477-9
Publication Date: March 2007
Pages: 319

Promoting Pro-Poor Growth: Policy Guidance for Donors 

DAC Guidelines and Reference Series

Why has growth been more successful in reducing poverty in some countries than in others? How can poor women and men best participate in, contribute to and benefit from the growth process? Why is pro-poor growth important and what can donors do to promote it? This book provides policy guidance to donors and policy makers on these issues, based on the work of the DAC Network on Poverty Reduction (POVNET).

For donors, the pro-poor agenda is not business as usual and more of the same will not be sufficient. Focusing on pro-poor growth and income poverty implies identifying binding constraints and offering policy and strategies to address them.

This book pays special attention to the role of private sector development, agriculture and infrastructure in pro-poor growth – areas that were neglected by many donors during the 1990s but are currently receiving renewed attention in the international development agenda.  It also presents a methodology for conducing ex ante poverty impact assessment, a valuable tool for improving the poverty reducing impacts of development interventions.

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