Poverty reduction

POVNET Mandate 2007-08


To accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, particularly in respect of poverty reduction, the DAC Network on Poverty Reduction (POVNET) will serve as a platform to support the implementation of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and to scale up official development assistance (ODA) for results in matters related to poverty reduction and pro-poor growth. It will focus on the multidimensionality of poverty and on the relationship between economic growth, inequality and poverty reduction in developing countries. Key functions will be consolidating knowledge and identifying and promulgating good practices in implementing effective pro poor growth policies. Particular attention will be given to the harmonisation and co ordination of donors’ pro poor growth activities at the field level, to aligning donor initiatives with locally owned development plans, including poverty reduction strategies, and to supporting country based approaches.


During 2007-08, POVNET will contribute to achieving the DAC’s output results in the area of poverty reduction, growth and trade by:

  • Providing a forum for the exchange of experience and preparing good practices in implementing the policy guidance for donors on pro poor growth, developed in the 2005-6 work programme.
  • Preparing good practices for practitioners on the contributions of social protection and empowerment, and on employment and labour markets to pro-poor growth, in order to foster the inclusion of poor women and men in the economy and society. 
  • Identifying and promulgating good practices on using ODA to promote Investment, working in collaboration with the Investment Committee, and on strengthening the contribution of Trade Capacity Building

In focussing on the barriers to poor women’s and men’s fuller integration into economic, social and political processes, the POVNET will involve other stakeholders in its work, including partner countries and development organisations beyond the DAC Permanent Observers (World Bank, IMF, UNDP). It will interact with other DAC bodies, including the Networks on GENDERNET and on ENVIRONET whose Chairs will be invited ex officio to take part, whenever justified by the agenda, in POVNET meetings. The POVNET will take account of on going research and interact with other OECD policy communities, as appropriate, to strengthen the development dimension of their work and promote policy coherence for development.


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