Poverty reduction

Poverty reduction


POVNET promotes economic growth that benefits poor people, focusing on both the pace and pattern of growth.

Promoting "pro-poor growth"

Rapid and sustained poverty reduction requires a pace and pattern of economic growth that helps poor women and men to participate in, contribute to and benefit from it - in short, pro-poor growth. With this as our guiding principle, we've developed key reference texts for donors on promoting economic growth that benefits poor people:

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Thematic guidance

Why has growth been more successful in reducing poverty in some countries than others? How can poor women and men best participate in and benefit from the growth process? Why is pro-poor growth important and what can donors do to promote it? We answer these questions in our guidance in the following areas:

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Developing capacities

To promote mutual learning and understanding on pro-poor growth among donors and partner countries, we work with a range of training partners on hands-on, tailor-made learning events that encourage practical policy measures to engage poor women and men in economic growth.

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