Poverty reduction



To help increase its impact on changing donor behaviour, a major component of POVNET’s current work programme is the pro active dissemination of its policy guidance for donors on promoting pro poor growth. This is being pursued in a number of ways including:

  • Making presentations at conferences
  • Producing papers for publications
  • Conducting seminars with donor staff at headquarters
  • Preparing, in association with the Train4Dev Network, a series of Learning Events on Promoting Pro-Poor Growth, mostly for donor agency staff

A major component of POVNET’s dissemination efforts is the organisation of several country workshops that aim to expose POVNET’s policy guidance on promoting pro-poor growth to practitioners in donor agencies as well as their developing country counterparts. Based on a few, concrete issues (difficulties) in implementing pro-poor growth policies on the ground, chosen by local practitioners, the workshops provide a forum for an exchange of experiences and to receive feedback on lessons on appropriate approaches and good practices. Since June 2007, workshops have been held in:


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