Poverty reduction

A Practical Guide to Ex Ante Poverty Impact Assessment



Publication Date: 2007
Pages: 80


A Practical Guide to Ex Ante Poverty Impact Assessment

POVNET Promoting Pro-Poor Growth Series

Ex ante poverty impact assessment (PIA) helps donors and developing countries address vital questions that influence the impact and outcomes of their policies and programmes on the poor. In this way, it contributes to increasing donor policies’ impact on poverty reduction.
The PIA process also fosters aid effectiveness, managing for results and the harmonisation of donor practices, in line with the “Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness”.
Who are the main stakeholders and institutions involved? Which transmission channels are the most effective in reaching the poor and vulnerable? What is the best way to tackle the risks faced in pursuing these interventions? By addressing these and other questions, this practical guide, developed by the DAC Network on Poverty Reduction (POVNET), is designed to help staff in developing countries and in aid agencies to plan and execute PIAs and to interpret their findings, the ultimate goal being to design and implement more effective poverty reduction policies and programmes.

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