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In 2013, New Zealand provided USD 461 million ODA (preliminary data), which represented 0.26% of gross national income (GNI) and a fall of 1% in real terms from 2012. This is a reverse on the increases in ODA seen since 2010. New Zealand’s share of untied ODA (excluding administrative costs and in-donor refugee costs) was 84% in 2012, compared with the DAC average of 81%. The grant element of total ODA was 100% in 2012.

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New Zealand’s official development assistance fell by 4% in 2009 to USD 313 million, but the country plans a sharp increase over the coming years. Prior to last year’s decline in spending, New Zealand’s development aid was on a sharp upward trajectory, peaking at USD 348 million in 2008. The fluctuation in 2009 is attributed to New Zealand’s multi-year appropriations process for development assistance, which sets budgets annually but disburses funds over a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. New Zealand has pledged to raise aid levels to USD 416 million by 2012/13, despite strong pressures on public spending, and recognises it must do more if it is to meet the international target of giving 0.7% of gross national income (GNI) in aid. In 2009, New Zealand allocated 0.28% of GNI to aid.

The evaluation of the Cook Islands Education Sector Partnership found that the Education Master Plan is relevant to training and education priorities in the Cook Islands and to current national, regional and international mandates. While progress can be sustained through on-going implementation of existing initiatives, attention is required to provide systematic interventions and resources to address the constraints identified through the evaluation.

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