Governance and development

Bonn Workshop: "Capacity Development: Accra and Beyond" (14-15 May 2008)


> Summary conclusions of the Bonn workshop (pdf)
> Bonn workshop consensus (pdf)
Wednesday 14 May 2008 Arrival
 15:00                     Preparatory meeting: Workshop Steering Group (at the BMZ)   
 18:00 Reception
Thursday 15 May 2008 (morning)  
9:00 Opening plenary by Ingrid Hoven (Germany) and workshop Co-chairs: Talaat Abdel-Malek (Egypt) and Richard Manning (UK)

Framing the debate    

 - Our starting point: "The Challenge of Capacity Development: Working Towards Good Practice", Ben Dickinson, OECD/DAC       (presentation)          

 -"Synthesis Report: Capacity Development on the Road to Accra", James Hradsky, OECD/DAC                 

 -"Perspectives on Capacity Development for Accra and Beyond", Thomas Theisohn, LenCD & Steering Group   

(One pagers by Thomas Theisohn: Everybody’s Business! Nobody’s Responsibility?  and Accountability as driver for capacity development and for effective support to capacity development)

 -"Buzz groups" and plenary discussion                 
  Report of the Opening Session by Costantinos Berhe

 11:00   Session 1

Break out groups 

Room A  Roundtable 1



Joseph Rugumyamheto, Former Secretary of State for Public Service, Tanzania

Title one pager:  The Software Side of Capacity Development: Experiences on the Ground

Rapporteur Dasa Silovic, Senior Advisor Aid Management , UNDP New York                 
Report "Ownership"
Resource person/

Tony Land, ECDPM Associate, Botswana                 

Title one pager:   "The Potential Value Of Country-Level CD Strategies"        


Naomi Ngwira, Director Department of Debt and Aid, Government of Malawi                 



Hiroshi Kato, Director-General, Institute for International Cooperation, JICA                 

Title one pager:  "Preliminary Findings and Emerging Agenda for Action"


Enrique Prieto, ODA Deputy Director, Government, Colombia                 

Title one pager:  "Working together toward effectiveness"

Philippe Besson, Senior Advisor, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation                 

Title one pager:  "Ownership and Capacity Development: key issues"     

Room B Roundtable 2



Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Centre for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh                 


Rapporteur Virginia Manzitti, European Commission                 
Report "Alignment"
Resource Person/
Seema Ghani, Consultant, Afghanistan                 
Presenters Micheal Lawrance, Workstream on Procurement, OECD/DAC                 
Title one pager:   "Session 1 : Alignment"

Elene Makonnen, Strategic Partnership with Africa AFRVP, Worldbank                 

Title one pager: Capacity Development: Creating the Conditions for Alignment

Presentation: Capacity Development: Creating the Conditions for Alignment

Kojo Oduro, Senior Economic Advisor, Crown Agents, UK                 

Title one pager:  "Capacity Insights Based on Experiences from Public Financial Management Reform programmes"             

Room C Roundtable 3


Chair Ingrid Hoven, Director General, Fed. Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development      

Richard Ssewakiryanga,  Coordinator, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Uganda                 

Report "Harmonisation"
Resource Person/
Dominique Hounkonnou, Consultant, Benin                      
Title one pager:  "Bonn Workshop on Capacity Development Contribution to the debate"

Joseph Lelang, National Secretary of Planning, Papua New Guinea                 


Franke Toornstra, Operational Policies and Country services, harmonisation Unit, World Bank                 

Title one pager:  "Capacity Development for Harmonization"

Presentation: "Capacity Development for Harmonization"

Tubagus Achmad Choesni, Deputy Director National Planning Agency (Bappenas), Indonesia                 
Title one pager:  "Capacity Development in Harmonization: Some notes"

Room D Roundtable 4

Managing for results

Chair Max Diener, Director general, Budget, Ministry of Finance, Mexico                 
Rapporteur Nils Boesen, Consultant Denmark                 
Title one pager:  "For the Accra Agenda and beyond: Towards a Joint Learning Package for Capacity Development"              
Report "Managing for results"
Resource person/

Godfrey Jjooga Ssebukulu, Consultant, Uganda 

Title one pager:  "Actionable Points for Accra and Beyond"

Presenters Stefan Schmitz, Managing for Development Results, OECD/DAC                 
Eric Bensel, Paris 21, OECD/DAC                 
Title one pager:  "Statistical Capacity Building: Discussion Paper for Roundtable 4 (“Managing for Results”)"
Presentation:  "Statistical Capacity Building" 
Velayuthan Sivagnanasothy, Director General, Department of Foreign Aid and Budget Monitoring, Ministry of Plan Implementation, Sri Lanka                 
Presentation:  "Managing for Development Results (MfDR) Sri Lankan Perspective"             
Title one pager:  "Managing for Development Results (MfDR) Sri Lankan Perspective"          
Thursday 15 May 2008 (afternoon)
14:30 Plenary  Reporting back on key messages from break out groups in Session 1 (Rapporteurs/ resource Persons)                 
Introduction to Session 2
15:00 Session 2

Room A Roundtable 5

Mutual Accountability

Chair  Deo Mutalemwa, Senior Adviser to Co-Chair RT5, Tanzania                 
Rapporteur Mike Battcock, Aid Effectiveness Adviser, DFID, UK                 
Report "Mutual Accountability"
Resource person/

Berhe Costantinos , Director Centre for the Human Environment, Ethiopia               

Title one pager:  "Key Messages on Capacity Development Priorities"

Other documents: 

Paradigmatic Shifts in Capacity Development for an Effective State and an Engaged Society

Abridged case-report of the Mapping Studies on Gender and Aid Effectiveness 2004-2006

CD for people centred development

Sam Wangwe, DAIMA Consult, Tanzania                 

Title one pager:  "Capacity Development and Mutual Accountability Presentation"   

Liz Higgins, Senior Development Specialist, Aid Effectiveness, Irish Aid                 
Title one pager:  "Session 2: Mutual Accountability RT5"

Mark Nelson, Team Leader Governance and Capacity Development Programme, WBI                 

Title one pager:   "Building Ownership and Accountability for Capacity Development"            

Aliza Belman Inbal, Researcher, University of Tel Aviv, Israel                 
Title one pager:  "Enhancing the Contribution of Training to CD: Results of a World Bank Evaluation of Training"               
Title one pager:  "The Capacity Development Accountability Problem"               

Room B Roundtable 6

Civil Society

Chair Antonio Tujan, Director and Secretary General Ibon & Reality of Aid, Philippines                 
Rapporteur Jan Ubels, and SNV, Netherlands                 
Report "Civil Society"
Resource person/
Appolinaire Ndorukwigira, Director Evaluation, ACBF, Zimbabwe                 
Presenters Rose Wanjiru, Head of Policy & Women's Rights, Action Aid International, Kenya                 
Title one pager:  "Civil Society: Capacity Development, Accra and Beyond"             
Peter Clarke, Capacity Collective, UK                 
Title one pager:  "Personal one-pager for Bonn Workshop Civil Society Session"                       

Room C Roundtable 7

Fragile contexts

Chair George Carner, Delegate to the OECD/DAC, USA                 
Rapporteur: Robert-Jan Siegert, DGIS, Government, Netherlands                 
Report "Fragile Contexts"
Resource person/

Jenny Pearson, Director of VBNK, Cambodia                 
Title one pager:   "Throwing water on sand a Burmese saying for wasted effort"      

Report: "Fragile states"

Presenters Ben Dickinson, Secretariat GOVNET, OECD/DAC                 
Presentation:   Capacity Development in Situations of Conflict and Fragility              
Damoni Kitabire, Lead Economist, Governance, Econ. & Fin. Management, UNDP, Congo                 
Title one pager:  "Roundtable 7: Fragile Contexts"             
Dominique Kabeya, Strategic Policies Adviser, UNDP, Congo                 
Title one pager:  "Presentation on Fragile contexts: Roundtable 7"

Room D Roundtable 8

Sector Experiences

Chair Talaat Abdel-Malek, Partner Country Contact Group, Egypt                 
Title one pager:  "Key messages derived from experience"

Dorthea Damkjaer, Chair of DAC Gendernet, Denmark                 
Report "Sector Experiences"                 

Title one pager:  "Key Messages"

Resource person/
Alfredo Mazive, Consultant Mozambique                                

Tamirat Yacob, Development Planning and Research Expert, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Ethiopia                 
Title one pager:  "Key Messages"    

Presentation: Enhancing results by applying the Paris Declaration at sector level

Brian Baldwin, Co-chair, Global Donor Platform for Rural Development                 
Title one pager:  "Capacity Development in Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD)"             
Presentation:  "Agricultural Sector Experiences"
Camilla Salomonsson, Department for Policy and Methodology, Sida, Sweden (was unable to attend the workshop)                 
Title one pager:  "Capacity Development and Sector experiences of the Paris declaration"

Room E Roundtable 9

Aid architecture

Chair Richard Manning, Former chair of the OECD/DAC                 
Rapporteur Angela Langenkamp, Senior Policy Adviser Gender, Germany                 
Report "Aid Architecture"
Resource person/
Janet Awimbo, Coordinator for Africa, Impact Alliance, Kenya                 
Title one pager:  "Some thoughts on capacity development"
Presenters Kanni Wignaraja, Director, Capacity Development Group, UNDP, New York                 
Title one pager:  "Capacity Development and Aid Effectiveness"                 
Ikufumi Tomimoto, Director JICA Paris Office                                 
Stella Laureano, Director, International Finance Group, Philippines                 
17:00 Plenary

Reporting back on key messages from break out groups in Session 2 (rapporteurs/ resource persons)                 

Introduction to the OPEN SPACE for the next day (Nils Boesen, Consultant, Denmark)                 

Closing remarks on day 1 (envisaged for 18:00) 

The Steering Group meets to prepare a first synthesis of key messages and recommendations (at the BMZ)                 
Friday 16 May 2008
9:00 Plenary Initial synthesis of key messages, propositions and recommendations that have emerged on Day 1 (Steering group)                 
The discussion on the previous day will leave issues open which merit more detailed discussion. Participants are invited to formulate topics that they would like to explore with others. Reporting back from these groups uses the same format as previous discussions.              
WORKING GROUP A  Civil Society (Jan Ubels)
B Human Capacity building (Aliza Belman and Kojo Oduro)
C Using existing capacity (Deo Mutalemwa)
D Code of conduct (Oscar Schiappa-Pietra)

Priming the private sector to contribute to national development (Berhe Costantinos)

12:00 Plenary Reporting back on key messages from break out groups from Session 3 (Rapporteurs selected by groups)                 
12:30 Lunch

Two lunch meetings are organized. Participants may arrange for further informal side groups.                 

-Round Table organizers who are preparing for Accra                 
 To discuss how key capacity development can be integrated into the Accra process                 
 -International CD initiatives                 
 (LenCD, DAC,, ACBF. CD Net, Capacity Collective, ECDPM and others)                 
 To discuss how key CD initiatives can work together and support a concerted effort post-Accra (2008-2010)     

14:00 Plenary SESSION 4 Workshop Co-chairs: Richard Manning and Talaat Abdel-Malek 

The plenary will use the synthesis document to discuss and confirm key recomendations and actionable propositions with a sense of priority in order to inform the debate towards Accra and guide priority actions in the years to follow (2008-2011)                 
Part 1: Perspectives for Accra and beyond: What? Why? How?- What is priority? What is feasible?                

Part 2: What needs to go into the AAA?- Which mutual commitments should serve as anchorage in the AAA?                

Coffee 15:30 

Part 3: What possible scenarios to make it happen? -(Ideas from the informal lunch sessions)   


Concluding remarks             

Saturday 17 May 2008
9:00-13:00 Learning Network on Capacity Development (LenCD) open meeting              









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  • Afghanistan
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  • Algeria
  • Andorra
  • Angola
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Argentina
  • Armenia
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