Gender equality and development

Policy Briefs on Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment and Development




The policy briefs prepared by the DAC Network on Gender Equality highlights the importance of addressing gender equality and women’s empowerment to development co-operation.



Investing in women and girls: The breakthrough strategy for achieving all the MDGs (pdf, 455 kB)


2008-2010: Aid effectiveness and gender equality 

Issues Brief 1: Making the Linkages (pdf, 555.5 kB)

Issues Brief 2: Finding the Entry Points (pdf, 2.01 MB)

Issues Brief 3: Innovative Funding for Women's Organisations (pdf, 1.21 MB)

Issues Brief 4: Managing for Gender Equality Results in Donor Agencies (pdf, 801.9 kB)

Issues Brief 5: Managing for Gender Equality Results in Partner Countries (pdf, 691.7 kB)

Integrating gender equality dimensions into public financial management reforms (pdf, 779kB)



Guide for non-economists (pdf, 1.73 MB)




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