Financing for sustainable development

TOSSD - Further reading on TOSSD related themes


  • TOSSD case study - Senegal - "How to measure financing towards the SDGs : Senegal’s perspective on Total Official Support for Sustainable Development" : report, flyer
  • NeST Africa working paper, "New development finance measure should be TOSSD out the window!", 15 December 2016
  • UN Committee for Development Policy report on the eighteenth session - 14 - 18 March NY
  • Joint Export Credit Group (ECG) DAC WP-STAT : agenda 
  • DAC Meeting - "Proposed roadmap for developing the TOSSD measurement framework for 2015-2016" : proposed roadmap
  • DAC Network on Enviroment and Development Co-operation - "Proposal for valuing Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) for the purpose of official development assistance reporting"
  • DAC Meeting - "Addressing the boundary between ODA and TOSSD in the field of peace, security and justice” : discussion paper
  • DAC Meeting - "Follow-up on the work plan to implement the December 2014 DAC High-Level Meeting decisions ont he measurement and monitoring  of Development Finance" : discussion paper
  • DAC Meeting - List of international events in the lead-up to the Third International Conference on Financing for Development : discussion paper
  • OECD DAC Meeting - Scoping the Measure of Support for Sustainable Development : discussion paper
  • OECD Roundtable Discussion on External Financing for Development : summary record 
  • OECD DAC Meeting - Possible New Measure of Total Support for Development: Options regarding peace and security, climate change and global programmes : discussion paper
  • OECD DAC Meeting - Non-DAC Countries and the Debate on Measuring Post-2015 Development Finance : discussion paper
  • The Future of Development Finance: Modernising measures and instruments : presentation
  • DAC News "A New Statistical Measure Tailored to the SDG Framework" : article 
  • Measuring and Monitoring External Development Finance : policy brief 
  • Mapping of Sources and Uses of Information on External Development Finance : research paper
  • Proposal for a New Journey by DCD Deputy Director, Serge Tomasi : blog  
  • Does Aid Have a Future? by Deputy Director, Serge Tomasi : blog
  • Expert Reference Group on Development Finance - the Expert Reference Group met following the DAC High Level Meeting in 2012, to discuss ODA reform and possibilities for measuring broader development finance flows : background information


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