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Private Finance for Sustainable Development


29 January 2018  OECD, Paris

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement require new approaches and innovative solutions to finance development outcomes. An approach commensurate with the ambition of these goals requires:

•    Scaling up and mobilisation of resources to close the estimated USD 2.5 trillion per year investment gap in developing countries for the SDGs,
•    Effective support for the transformation of developing countries’ economies towards cleaner, more inclusive and climate-compatible pathways,
•    A sharpened focus on delivering impact with these resources, particularly for the most vulnerable people and communities.

New channels and business models are emerging within development finance to address this triple challenge. The OECD inaugural Conference on Private Finance for Sustainable Development (PF4SD) brings together - for the first time in a single forum - the main actors from policy and practice on Blended Finance, Social Impact Investing and Green Finance to answer the following question: "Milestone 2020: How can we make sure private mobilisation leads to transformative impact?" Discussions will tackle both government efforts to scale up innovative private finance models, and how private financiers can bring greater transformation and impact to development cooperation.


Programme outline

9:00-9:30 Welcome & Opening
9:30-10:30 Scene setting panel: "What innovative financing partnerships are needed by 2020 to achieve more mobilisation, transformation and impact in developing countries? 
10:45-12:00 State of Play Principles & Policies: "What more and what else can we do to steer private finance towards inclusive and sustainable international development?"
12:00-12:30 Launch of the OECD report "Making Blended Finance work for the SDGs"


1. Mobilisation: "What financing structures are well adapted to mobilise private and commercial capital for sustainable international development?"

2. Transformation: "How can donors and development finance providers better connect investment demand and supply to enable transformative impact in green investment?"

3. Impact: "How can private and commercial capital best be leveraged for the achievement of social, economic and environmental impacts in developing countries?"


Way forward: "What urgent actions must be implemented by 2020?"

17:15-17:30 Closing remarks

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