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Multilateral Development Finance


The United Nations, the World Bank and other 200 multilateral agencies and global funds receive about one third of total ODA. When including earmarked funding provided to multilaterals, this goes up to two fifths. The scale at which the multilateral system is used reflects donors’ views of it as an important channel of development co-operation.



 Forthcoming: Multilateral Development Finance: Towards a New Pact on Multilateralism to Achieve the 2030 Agenda Together



Key definitions on the use of the multilateral aid system explained in three minutes.

This video provides answers to the following questions:

  • What is multilateral ODA?
  • What is meant by “use of the multilateral system”?
  • What are imputed multilateral flows?

Statistical resources and analysis


Interactive charts containing the latest data on the use of the multilateral aid system by DAC donors (core, non-core and imputed-multilateral).

Online database 



See the OECD online database figures on multilateral aid

Read more about latest figures on multilateral aid (pdf)



2015 Multilateral Aid  Report: Better Partnerships for a Post-2015 World (July 2015)

Previous Reports: 2013, 201120102008




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