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Sustainable Development Goals and Evaluation


The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in September 2015 provides a new framework for international development co-operation and has a number of implications for evaluation.  The complexity and inter-related nature of the SDG targets requires that evaluation take account of the linkages and potential trade-offs between targets and goals. SDG implementation and monitoring processes are expected to be country-led, resulting in an increased focus on country-led evaluation work. Partner countries’ national statistical capacity and evaluations systems will play a key role in follow-up and review processes.


Evaluation plays an important role in processes of learning and mutual accountability. Evaluations can be used to generate evidence on what works and to assess progress in SDG implementation. The evidence generated through evaluation can contribute to strategies to operationalise the SDGs and to inform policy and management decisions. Collective learning, knowledge sharing, and capacity building in development evaluation, in line with Agenda 2030, contributes to stronger evaluation systems and practice; it also helps DAC members and developing partners adapt to new evaluation challenges.


The SDGs are expected to influence development evaluation practice. The SDGs will likely influence 1) what is evaluated; 2) how DAC members evaluate; and 3) how development partners evaluate. There are strong existing tools and methods, as well as emerging new approaches.  


The DAC Network on Development Evaluation renewed its task team on evaluation capacity development in line with the SDGs at its 19th meeting in April 2016. Read more about the work of the task team on evaluation capacity development and its members. At the meeting, bilateral providers, multilateral development banks, UN invitees and other observers discussed Agenda 2030 & Implications for Evaluation as a focus section. Access the meeting documents


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