Evaluation of development programmes

Joint Evaluations – Building Participation and Ownership (DACNews June-August 2005)


In April 2005, the Evaluation Network held a workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, with partner government and civil society representatives on joint evaluations (an evaluation to which different donor agencies and/or partners participate). The Network has been promoting joint evaluations for a number of years – with an especially strong focus on this mode of work in the present context of the DACs broader agenda on harmonisation, alignment and aid effectiveness. The Nairobi Workshop was a step forward in reaching out and consulting with developing country partners on whether joint evaluations bring them tangible benefits and, if so, how they should best be undertaken. At the workshop, partners stressed the value of joint working and called for more evaluations to be undertaken with developing country participation. Partners expressed a clear and growing dynamism towards taking up the ownership challenge of initiating and leading national evaluation processes.

The workshop on joint evaluations Challenging the Conventional Wisdom - the View from Developing Country Partners produced a range of findings and recommendations (see http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/20/44/34981186.pdf) – which are being integrated into a major new report, Joint Evaluations: Recent Experiences, Lessons Learnt, and Options for the Future. This report will be published shortly and is expected to have significant influence on the way that future evaluations are undertaken.