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Guidance on Evaluating Conflict and Peacebuilding Activities - Working draft for application period


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February 2008


When violent conflict breaks out, development is derailed and the human, societal and financial costs are high. With an increasing share of aid resources being allocated to conflict prevention and peacebuilding interventions, there is a growing interest amongst the donor community to learn what works, what does not work and why. Still, there is also recognition of the obstacles faced by those undertaking evaluations in conflict settings. Assessing and demonstrating the impacts of work in this field remains a challenge.
In response to this challenge, two Networks of the OECD-DAC, working on conflict and on evaluation, initiated a process to develop guidance on evaluating conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities. Improved evaluation practice will enable systematic learning, which will in turn enhance the effectiveness of donor investments. It will assist experts and implementing organisations in improving the quality of conflict prevention and peacebuilding work and thereby contribute to preventing violent conflicts and securing the pre-conditions for sustainable development.

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For more information on DAC Network on Development Evaluation's work on evaluating conflict and peacebuilding activities, visit our website.

Factsheet on Evaluating Conflict and Peacebuilding Activities

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