Seventh Meeting of the DAC Evaluation Network, 20 - 21 February 2008


Document Title


Summary Record of the Seventh Meeting


Summary Record of the Sixth Meeting


Draft agenda of the Seventh Meeting

DCD/DAC/EV/A(2008)1In French

Summary of application planning meeting DAC guidance on evaluating conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities (Bern, 20-21 January 2008)

Room Doc 1

Concept note: Joint donor evaluation of peace building and conflict prevention
activities in Haiti

Room Doc 1/A

Applying the DAC Draft Guidance on Evaluating Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Activities - Joint Evaluation in the DRC -

Room Doc 1/B

Evaluation of the DAC - Summary of recommendations

Room Doc 2/A

Extracts from the In-Depth Evaluation of the Development Assistance Committee

Room Doc 2/B

Impact evaluation (NONIE)

Room Doc 3/A

Impact evaluation; its status and its future

Room Doc 3/B

Draft NONIE statement on impact evaluation

Room Doc 3/C

UNEG/DAC Network task team on peer review of evaluation systems

Room Doc 4

Results of the survey on the DAC Evaluation Quality Standards

Room Doc 5

Proposal for short study: constraints, opportunities and approaches for increasing joint donor programming of evaluations

Room Doc 6

Sharing of evaluation plans

Room Doc 7

Report from mission to Tanzania

Room Doc 8

Phase one evaluation of the implementation of the Paris declaration progress report

Room Doc 9

Synthesis of Responses to the Joint Evaluation of  General Budget Support Survey

Room Doc 10

Study on Evaluation Capacity Development in West Africa

Room Doc 11

Results of the ODA Evaluation workshop in Asia

Room Doc 12

Update on DEReC

Room Doc 13

Revised draft work plan 2007-2008 for the Joint Venture on managing for Development Results (Related to Item VI of the draft agenda)


A Comparative Study of Evaluation  Policies and Practices in Development Agencies Executive Summary

Room Doc 14

Brief update on Joint Evaluation of Anti-Corruption Efforts

Room Doc 15



Evaluating Global and Regional Partnership Programs (GRPPs): Progress Report to the DAC Evaluation Network

Room Doc 17



Published Documents




Powerpoint Presentations

A proposed vision




Ongoing Work of the Joint Venture on Managing for Development Results (JV MfDR)


Coming of age of joint evaluations? (ALNAP)


A Comparative Study of Evaluation  Policies and Practices in Development Agencies


Synthesis of Responses to the Joint Evaluation of General Budget Support (DFID)


Documents for the informal discussion and exchange



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