Second meeting of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation, 9 - 10 November 2004


Follow up documents

Summary Record of the second meeting


Issues Paper: Framework for a declaration and agenda for action - Second high-level forum on Aid Effectiveness. Prepared by the DAC Working Party on Aid Effectiveness and Donor Practices




Agenda Item & Document Title

 Document Reference

Documents for Item I - Opening


Draft Agenda of the second meeting of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation (DCD/DAC/EV/A(2004)2)

DCD/DAC/EV/A(2004)2  / French


Summary Record of the first meeting of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation


Documents for Item II – Assessing Development Effectiveness at Country Level


Joint Evaluation of General Budget Support

 Room Document 1

Assessing the Contribution of ODA to National Development Results

Room Document 2


Discussion Topics

Room Document 16

Documents for Item III – Evaluating Conflict Prevention and Peace Building


Utstein Study Follow up: Two Concept papers

 Room Document 3


Evaluating conflict prevention and peace-building programmes

 Room Document 4

Documents for Item IV – Evaluation Methodology, Quality and Systems


Review of on-going work 


Update on Joint Evaluations 

 Room Document 5

A new approach to evaluating Mulitlateral organisations performance

Room Document 6


The DAC Evaluation Network Website 

 Room Document 7


Workshop Proposal: Evaluation Methodology, Quality and Systems

 Room Document 8


Review of the Quality of DAC Evaluation Reports 
‘Minimum-Sufficient’ Group of Evaluation Standards

 Room Document 9
Appendix 1

 Discussion on new work


Strengthening evaluation systems in member agencies



Renforcer les systèmes d’évaluation et améliorer la qualité des évaluations



Evaluation systems in DAC members – a background study

 Room Document 10

Documents for Item V – Evaluation Partnerships 



Partners in Development Evaluation 

Room Document 11
 English  / French



Room Document 12

Presentation of the Triple C Joint EU Evaluation Initiative

Room Document 14


Trade Capacity Building Results Monitoring and Assessment

Room Document 13


Room Document 15


Powerpoint presentations

The Poverty Reduction Strategy Initiative - Independent Assessments of World Bank and IMF support (Greg Ingram, World Bank)


Country Assistance Evaluation at OED: Methodology and Challenges (Ajay Chhibber)


Role and Functioning of the Evaluation Cooperation Group (Fredrik Korfker)


Restaurant details of the pay your own way informal dinner


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