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Our monthly newsletter highlights the latest evaluations of development programmes from around the world and news for the evaluation community from the DAC Evaluation Network. Below are our 2011 newsletters.

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  • December 2011 Newsletter
    Our December 2011 Newsletter puts forth our interview with Nick York, Head of Evaluation at the UK's Department for International Development, and current Chair of the DAC Evaluation Network. The latest issue of our Evaluation Insights series, on lessons in the governance sector is also highlighted, along with the recent evaluation reports from our members.






  • November 2011 Newsletter
    Our November 2011 Newsletter presents our latest issue in the Evaluation Insights series, on Mainstreaming Gender Equity. The brief synthesises findings from 26 evaluations. Recent evaluations added to DEReC, on results-based approaches, the transport sector, conflict prevention in Sri Lanka and municipal development in the Palestinian Territories, are also put forth. 





  • October 2011 Newsletter
    Our October 2011 Newsletter presents a new Working Paper on evaluation results in the governance area. The paper was presented early October at the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness meetings. Recent evaluations on anti-corruption, capacity development, support to the energy sector, and the forestry sector in the DRC are also highlighted.


  • September 2011 Newsletter                       
    Our September 2011 Newsletter highlights a compilation of evaluation resources dealing with the food crisis in the Horn of Africa (food security, drought, country studies of Somalia and Ethiopia, and others). Recent evaluations are featured on humanitarian assistance, Nigerian debt forgiveness, child rights, and the Paris Declaration Evaluation final report.



























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