Mandate of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation


The mandate of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation is to:

  1. Contribute to improved development effectiveness by: synthesising and extracting policy, strategic and operational lessons from evaluations for consideration by the DAC and the wider development community; and, promoting joint or co-ordinated evaluations and studies undertaken by individual members.
  2. Strengthen the exchange of information, experience and co-operation on evaluation among Network members and, as appropriate, with development evaluation partners, with a view to:
    • improving the evaluation activities of individual members;
    • encouraging harmonisation and  standardisation of methodological and conceptual frameworks;
    • facilitating co-ordination of major evaluation studies;
    • encouraging development of new methods in evaluation and  best practice.
  3. Provide advice and support to DAC and its subsidiary bodies, notably on peer reviews, development results and aid effectiveness.
  4. Promote and support evaluation capacity development in partner countries.


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