Fourth meeting of the DAC Evaluation Network, 30 - 31 March 2006


Document Title


Summary Record of the fourth meeting of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation


Draft agenda for the fourth meeting of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation



Summary Record of the third meeting


Joint evaluation of General Budget Support: Update on progress

Room Document 1

Evaluation systems and use


Guidance on managing joint evaluations


      Working paper: Joint evaluations: Recent experiences, lessons learned and options for the future

      Guidance on joint evaluations: Dissemination strategy

Evaluation quality standards


Responses to the mini-questionnaire

Room Document 2

Evaluation Network follow up to the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness: An options paper

Room Document 3

     Annex 4 to the options paper


     Review of literature for the options paper

Room Document 3bis

Peer review of UNDP evaluation office: Key issues and lessons identified

Room Document 4

Peer review of UNDP evaluation office: Summary

Room Document 4 bis

     UNDP response to the DAC Peer Review

     Peer Review: UNDP Evaluation Office

Impact evaluation: An overview and some issues for discussion

Room Document 5

     An update on the progress of the Evaluation Gap initiative, Center for Global Development

Evaluating Total ODA Effectiveness: Process Update and Amended Proposal

Room Document 6

Conflict prevention and peace building

Room Document 7

Third international roundtable on managing for development results

Room Document 8

Chair's summary of the 5th ODA evaluation workshop

Room Document 9

AfREA conference, Niger, January 2007

Room Document 10

PWB 2007-2008: Prioritisation process and ranking exercise


PWB 2007-2008: Priority list of work proposals for ranking


Documents for the lunchtime discussion

DFID proposal for joint evaluation of citizens voice and accountability

The Role of Infrastructure in Alleviating Policy (JBIC)

Strengthening the World Bank’s Role in Global Programs and Partnerships

IEGWB Guidelines for Global Program Reviews (World Bank)

Powerpoint presentations

Evaluation Network follow-up to the Paris Declaration: An options paper (D. Booth, ODI)

Evaluation Cooperation Group (B. Murray, ECG Chair)

Evaluation total ODA impact (S. Molund)

Global Partnership Programs: Addressing the challenge of evaluation (C. Gerrard, World Bank)

The Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (N. Dabelstein, Denmark)

A Selection of TEC Findings and Recommendations Relevant to GHD Principles (N. Dabelstein, Denmark)

Invitation to Network members to a reception held by UNEG

La Defense retaurants and mapInvitation to Network members to a reception held by UNEG


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