Fifth Meeting of the DAC Evaluation Network, 16 - 17 November 2006


Document Title


Summary Record of the Fifth Meeting


Agenda of the Fifth Meeting of the DAC Network on DevelopmentEvaluation


Summary Record of the Fourth Meeting


Draft Programme of Work 2007-08

DCD/DAC/EV(2006)44  /  French

Evaluation Follow up to the Paris Declaration

Room Doc 1Room Doc 1

Report on Evaluation Sessions of the Asia Regional Forum on Aid Effectiveness

Room Doc 1 Bis

Assessing ODA Effectiveness at Country Level: A Joint Evaluation Proposal Note

Room Doc 2

Minutes from Total ODA Evaluation - Planning Meeting Held in Stockholm 25 Sep 2006

Annexe 1 to Room Doc 2

Statistical profiles for Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique and Zambia

Annexe 2 to Room Doc 2

Follow up to the Joint Evaluation of General Budget Support

Room doc 3

Harmonisation of Evaluation Practice

Room Doc 4

Fact finding survey on Evaluation Capacity Development in partner countries - Summary and Issues for discussion

Room Doc 5

Fact finding survey on Evaluation Capacity Development in partner countries - Full Report

Room Doc 5 Bis

Annexes to the Fact finding survey on Evaluation Capacity Development in partner countries Report

Annexes to Room Doc 5

Developping Guidance on evaluating Conflict Prevention and Peace Building

Room Doc 6

Draft Workshop Programme CPPB

Room Doc 6 Bis

Workshop on Evaluating Public Awareness and Development Education Programmes

Room Document 7

Draft Principles and Standards for the Evaluation of Global and Regional Partnership Programs (GRPPs)

Room Doc 8

Update on the DAC Evaluation Ressource Centre (DEReC)

Room Doc 9

A Review of the State of Impact evaluation

Room Doc 10

Performance and Coherence in Multilateral Development Finance

Room Doc 11

Sharing Evaluation work plans and facilitating upstream planning

Room Doc 12Room Doc 12

"Current Challenges in Development Evaluation" - Workshop held at the University of Sussex, 2-3 October 2006

Room Doc 13

Peer Reviews of Evaluation in International Organisations

Room Doc 14

DAC/UNEG Joint Task Force on Next Steps in the New Approach to Assessing Evaluation in Multilateral Organisations

Room Doc 14 Bis

Harmonisation of evaluation practice: Letter from the DAC Chair


Third International Roundtable on Managing for Development Results 5-8 February 2006 in Hanoi, Vietnam



Published Documents


Guidance for Managing Joint Evaluations


DAC Evaluation Quality Standards (for test phase application)


Powerpoint Presentations

Bangladesh Joint Country Assistance Evaluation: Assessing Total ODA at the Country Level Related to Room Doc 2

IDEAS-RELAC Joint Conference Bogotá, Colombia May 2007

Room Doc 15

Developing Consensus Principles and Standards for Evaluating Global and Regional Partnership Programs (GRPPs)

Related to Room Doc 8
Results of the Fact-Finding Survey on ECD in Partner Countries

Related to Room Doc 5

Documents for the informal discussion and exchange

Harmonising Ex Ante Poverty Impact Assessment


Promoting Pro-Poor Growth: Ex ante poverty impact assessment


Evaluation conjointe de la coopération de la Commission européenne et de la France avec le Mali


Proposed Evaluation of Innovative Capacity Development in Low Income African Countries - A Literature Study


The Tsunami Evaluation Coalition - What Worked and What Did Not?




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