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 New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAID)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
195 Lambton Quay

Tel: + 64 4 439 8200
Fax: +64 4 439 8515



Department background


The evaluation unit commissions and undertakes cross-cutting, sectoral or thematic evaluations, monitors the agency's rolling programme of reviews and evaluations, and provides advisory support to programme and activity evaluations.  The unit is guided by the NZAID Evaluation Framework, which includes a policy statement, evaluation strategy, and set of practice guidelines. 

An Evaluation and Research Committee, chaired by the Executive Director, was established to provide oversight of reviews and evaluations and to ensure close feedback links between evaluative activities and programme planning and development.  Reviews and evaluations commissioned by NZAID are presented to the Committee for advice on any actions to be taken in response to recommendations and to consider any implications for forward planning.  This is to ensure that a systematic approach to evaluation is instituted within the agency and that the lessons learned from all evaluations are promulgated throughout the organisation. Programme reviews and evaluations of development activities are commissioned and managed by the Pacific and Global Programme Groups.  Advisers from the Strategy Advisory and Evaluation group provide support and advice and may participate in some of these studies.




The publication "Better Aid: Evaluation in Development Agencies" provides individual evaluation profiles for each member of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation. Each profile provides information on the core elements of the evaluation function set-up and management, including the mandate of the unit, mechanisms to protect independence and ensure quality, reporting lines and distribution of evaluation reports.

New Zealand's evaluation profile   


New Zealand's reports on DEReC





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