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Independent Evaluation
Asian Development Bank


6 ADB Avenue

Mandalyuyong City

1550 Philippines

Tel: +63 2 632 4444
Fax: + 63 2 636 2163


Department background


The mandate of the Independent Evaluation Department (IED), formerly the Operations Evaluation Department or OED, is to carryout independent and objective evaluations of ADB's policies, strategies and related operations.  IED staff conduct studies, using consultants to complement in terms of required sector or thematic skills.  IED staff reviews project concept and draft documents to enhance their quality in terms of content and evaluability.  About 15 to 20% of IED's resources are used for engaging the consultants.  ADB has a system of evaluating consultant performance after each assignment is completed.


Self-evaluations of bank projects are conducted by those responsible for designing and implementing country strategies, programmes, projects, or technical assistance activities.  These are validated by IED.  Some self-evaluations are done in the field offices.  Independent evaluation is undertaken exclusively by IED.


The publication "Better Aid: Evaluation in Development Agencies" provides individual evaluation profiles for each member of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation.

Each profile provides information on the core elements of the evaluation function set-up and management, including the mandate of the unit, mechanisms to protect independence and ensure quality, reporting lines and distribution of evaluation reports.



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