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Operations Evaluation Department
African Development Bank


African Development Bank Group (AfDB)

Angles des 3 rues: Avenue du Ghana
Rue Hedi Nouira - Rue Pierry de Coubertin
PO Box 323-1002
1002 Tunis Belvedère


Tel: (+216) 71 10 3900
Fax: (+216) 71 19 4460


Organisation background

The primary role of OPEV is to provide a comprehensive and objective assessment of the development effectiveness of the bank assistance strategies, policies, operations, processes and procedures.  Monitoring and self-evaluation work, including project completion reports (PCRs), are conducted by operations units, while OPEV independently validates PCRs and carries out independent project performance evaluations.  OPEV also conducts sector and country assistance evaluations, as well as thematic, process, and policy evaluations.  OPEV is also charged with conducting synthesis studies of evaluation results at the sector and country level, and produces as annual review of evaluation results.



The publication "Better Aid: Evaluation in Development Agencies" provides individual evaluation profiles for each member of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation.

Each profile provides information on the core elements of the evaluation function set-up and management, including the mandate of the unit, mechanisms to protect independence and ensure quality, reporting lines and distribution of evaluation reports.

The African Development Bank's Evaluation profile   


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