Environment and development

Workshop: linking adaptation to Climate Change with financial protection mechanisms in Colombia



26 April 2016

Bogota, Colombia

Agenda in Spanish


Objective: To explore the possibilities of support from development cooperation to integrate transfer instruments and risk management in planning for adaptation to climate change 


1. Introduction to the workshop and objectives of the research study

Presentation of Rodrigo Suarez (Colombia Ministry of Environment) about Climate change adaptation in Colombia



Presentation of the OECD (Gisela Campillo and Michael Mullan) on the objectives of the research study, timeline of the case study and structure of the workshop

2. Integration of prevention mechanisms and risk management in national climate change policy
Presentation by Andres Quevedo (Ministry of Finance, Colombia) on the financial strategy on financial protection against natural disasters.
Presentation by Silvia Calderon (National Planning Department, Colombia) on the role of the NPD in the integration of adaptation into national development planning and the climate change financial system. 
Presentation by Doris Suaza (Adaptation Fund Colombia)on the experience of Colombia with the Fund, crated after the La Nina 2010-2011 winter floods.
3. Sectorial implementation of adaptation strategies
Presentation by Efraín Rosas (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Colombia) on the experience of integrating climate change considerations into crop insurance.

Presentation by Silvia Urbano (National Infrastructure Agency) on the experience with insuring public assets against climte risk in the case of 4g roads.  

Presentation by Alexander Martinez (Environment, Hydrology and Meteorology Institute, Colombia) on the availability of climate data for projections

Presentation by Esperanza Barbosa (National Unit for Risk Management, Colombia) on the country’s disaster risk management strategy


4. International experiences in financial protection and adaptation to climate change

Presentation by Philine Oft (Giz, Peru) on the climate, agriculture and risk transfer project.  

Presentation by Salvador Perez Maldonado (Ministry of finance, Mexico) on the Mexican experience managing natural disaster risk


5. Experience in financial protection against climate change

Presentation by Carlos Varela (FASECOLDA, Colombian Insurance Association) on the experience of the insurance sector financing climate risk

Presentation by Olga Lucía Torres (Bogota District Institute of Risk Management and Climate Change –IDIGER) on the Bogota city experience protecting against climate change impacts of disasters

Presentation by Ana Maria Torres (World Bank Colombia Office) on the support of the World Bank to the Government of Colombia designing and implementing an integral disaster risk financing strategy.

 For further information, please contact Gisela Campillo (Gisela.campillo[at] and Michael Mullan (michael.mullan[at] 




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