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  • 17-December-2008

    English, , 908kb

    Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Ecosystem Services

    This is one in a series of Advisory Notes that supplement the OECD DAC Good Practice Guidance on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). It discusses how to integrate the consideration of ecosystem services into SEAs of policies, plans and programmes (PPPs) at various levels.

  • 21-May-2008

    English, PDF, 1,091kb

    Policy Statement on Strategic Environmental Assesment

    Policy Statement on Strategic Environmental Assesment,DAC High Level Meeting, 21 May 2008, Paris

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  • 21-May-2008

    English, PDF, 1,135kb

    Statement of Progress on Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation

    Statement of Progress on Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation, adopted by the members of the DAC at the DAC High Level Meeting, Paris, 21 May 2008

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  • 2-July-2007


    La Evaluación Ambiental Estratégica: Una guía de buenas prácticas en la cooperación para el desarrollo

    Esta Guía explica los beneficios de usar la Evaluación Ambiental Estratégica en la cooperación para el desarrollo, y presenta los pasos clave para su aplicación, basándose en experiencias recientes.

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  • 1-December-2006


    Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment: Good Practice Guidance for Development Co-operation (2006)

    This guidance explains the benefits of using strategic environmental assessment in development co-operation and sets out key steps for its application based on recent experiences.

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  • 17-November-2005


    Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Linking Climate Change and Development

    Synthesizes insights from six country case studies that review climate change impacts, analyse relevant national plans and aid investments in terms of climate risks, and examine key systems where climate change is closely intertwined with development.

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  • 27-September-2002

    English, , 564kb

    Integrating the Rio Conventions into Development Co-operation

    This publication aims to clarify the linkages between the Rio Conventions and sustainable development, and provide insights as to how development co-operation agencies can help developing countries respond to global environmental threats.

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  • 26-April-2001


    Strategies for Sustainable Development: DAC Guidelines series

    This publication provides policy guidance on good practice in developing and implementing strategies for sustainable development.

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