Environment and development

Declarations and Policy Statements on Environment and Development


Below is the list of key declarations and policy statements endorsed at senior or high level meetings. These declarations and policy statements guide the work on environment and development at the OECD.


Policy Statement for the Rio+20 Conference

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This Policy Statement reaffirms the DAC's commitment on sustainable development and outlines 11 commitments by the DAC to promote sustainable development through development co-operation and other relevant measures. It was endorsed at the Senior Level Meeting of the DAC 3-4 April 2012.

 This policy statement was prepared as an input to the Rio+20 conference taking place in June 2012.


Policy Statement on Integrating Biodiversity and Associated Ecosystem Services into Development Co-operation, 2010


The Statement outlines 30 key actions that international donors can help to halt to loss of biodiversity and  associated ecosystems. The OECD Development Assistance Committee endorsed this Statement on 15 April, 2010. 


Co-chair's summary on joint high-level meeting of the OECD-Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and the Environment Policy Committee (EPOC), 2009

This document summarises the highlights of the above meeting. The road ahead includes to further deepen the work by the OECD on adaptation, to examine synergies between greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation, and to work on a guidance on capacity development for environment.  


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Working together for environmental sustainability: Progress since the 2006 joint meeting of the OECD Development Assistance and Environment Policy Committees at Ministerial level.



Policy Statement on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), 2008


This document highlights the progress achieved by donors and developing country partners in applying SEA approaches, as called for by "The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness", and outlines key challenges for the future. It was endorsed by OECD Development Ministers in May 2008.



Declaration on integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation, 2006


The Statement addresses how development agencies can  better integrate climate change adaptation in development planning and assistance, both within their own governments and in activities undertaken with partner countries.


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