Effective development co-operation

Transparent and Responsible Aid


The Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) strengthens commitments made in the Paris Declaration related to more transparent and responsible delivery of aid. In the context of the detailed AAA commitments on transparency, predictability, conditionality and complementarity, the overall goal of the cluster is to enable partner countries to make more effective, efficient and accountable use of aid they receive.



  • Contribute to a more rational aid delivery by strengthening country-led division of labour and complementarity within and across countries, reducing fragmentation and transaction costs.
  • Improve quality, availability and accessibility of information on aid in partner countries.
  • Support the change in the nature and improved use of conditionality by reducing the number of conditions and drawing conditions from partner countries’ own strategies and plans, increased transparency and knowledge sharing.
  • Enhance predictability of aid allocations and disbursements for partner countries.



Aid Predictability – Synthesis of Findings and Good Practices: Volume I

Summary of Conditionality

Division of Labour for Complementarity - Webpage

International Good Practice Principles for Country-Led Division of Labour and Complementarity (pdf, 708.6 kB)