Effective development co-operation

The Private Sector and Effective Aid


The Accra Agenda for Action recognises that the private sector is an important development actor and encourages it to contribute to effective country-led development processes. The private sector is an important part of the increasingly complex and diversified development landscape at both the global and country level, driving growth and sustainable development.


During the Fourth High Level Forum, lessons on involving the private sector in development contributed to the broader monitoring process of the Paris Declaration. The Busan Partnership agreement demonstrates a more inclusive approach to development effectiveness to which the private sector actively contributes.


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The Role of the Private Sector in the Context of Aid Effectiveness (June 2011)


Building on work launched after HLF3, and by the Informal Group on the Private Sector on aid effectiveness, this Reference Document presents the rationale, objectives and scope for engaging with the private sector in the context of aid effectiveness illustrating the broader reflection on global development partnerships and the role of aid as a catalyst.


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The Role of the Private Sector in the Context of Aid Effectiveness: a consultative reference document

The Working Party on aid effectiveness hosted by the OECD DAC has initiated work on the private sector in the context of Aid Effectiveness with a view to better understand the role of aid as a catalyst to support effective private sector contribution to development. Building on nearly 50 qualitative interviews with different stakeholders – donors, for-profit private sector, private foundations, partner countries, civil society and independent experts, the attached report highlights the complexity and diversity of actors, tools, approaches and partnerships working with the private sector towards development objectives. The report provides recommendations for future actions to stimulate further dialogue on the topic towards the Fourth High-Level Forum on aid effectiveness in Busan (29 November-1 December 2011).

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How do Public-Private Partnerships contribute to the core principles on aid effectiveness?

The importance of forging alliances and partnerships, building synergies and co-operation between actors was a key message which emerged during the meeting on the "role of the private sector in aid effectiveness" held on 25 October 2010.

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Strategy  (pdf)

22 June Informal DAC Meeting

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Report summary (pdf)