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  • 1-December-2011


    OECD Secretary-General remarks at the final press conference of the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan

    Never before has there been such an inclusive and fully engaged process behind international development, said M. Gurría. The outcome document endorsed in Busan is important, but even more important is the buy-in it represents, he added.

  • 30-November-2011


    Aid effectiveness: From words to action

    The economic crisis has meant global poverty is on the rise again. The Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan is an opportunity to ensure that development cooperation can make a difference in tackling hunger and improving people’s lives, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría said.

  • 26-October-2011


  • 20-September-2011


    2011 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration

    When developed and developing countries committed themselves to the 2005 Paris Declaration principles for achieving more effective aid, they agreed not only to a set of principles, but also to meeting a set of measurable targets by 2010.

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  • 11-January-2011


  • 1-July-2010


    Flyer: Global Governance for International Development: Who's in Charge?

    There is no single way in which countries can agree on how to make their development more effective, and make these decisions stick. This brief asks: how can this situation be improved?

  • 17-June-2010


    Glossary of Aid Effectiveness Terms

    A variety of key documents on Aid Effectiveness, High Level Fora on Aid Effectiveness, related topics and information on the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness are assembled on this page for download and dissemination by the general public.

  • 3-February-2010


    Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness - Findings, Recommendations and Good Practice

    In the Accra Agenda for Action (2008), donors and developing country governments commit to deepening their engagement with civil society organisations (CSOs). Better aid requires a broader understanding of the aid effectiveness agenda and a place for CSOs as development actors in their own right and as aid donors, recipients and partners. This book is a resource for implementing the recommendations on civil society and aid

  • 30-June-2009


    2008 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration - Full Data

    How effective is aid at helping countries meet their own development objectives? Some of the answers can be found in this survey report which presents the results from the second, follow-up survey on monitoring the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.

  • 28-January-2009

    Spanish, , 1,786kb

    Procurement: MAPS - Compendium Vol I Compendio de ejemplos Sección I – Spanish

    En este documento se recogen las experiencias y las lecciones aprendidas por 22 países socios de África, América Latina y Asia.

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