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2011 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration - Country Chapters


The 2011 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration: Volume 2 includes a detailed analysis for 73 of the 78 countries that undertook the survey. The survey was managed by the national co-ordinator, appointed by the government, in co-operation with the local donor community.

2006 country chapters

2008 country chapters



Afghanistan_small Afghanistan* **

Kyrgyzstan_small Kyrgyz Republic* **
Albania_smallAlbania * ** Lao People's Democratic Republic_small Lao PDR**
Armenia_smallArmenia Lesotho_small Lesotho
Bangladesh_smallBangladesh* ** Liberia_small Liberia**#

Benin_smallBenin* **

Madagascar_small Madagascar**

Bolivia_smallBolivia* **

Malawi_small Malawi* **
Bosnia and Herzegovina_smallBosnia and Herzegovina Mali_small Mali* **
Botswana_smallBotswana Mauritania_small Mauritania* **

Burkina Faso_smallBurkina Faso* **

Moldova, Republic_small Moldova* **

Burundi_smallBurundi* ** #

Mongolia_small Mongolia* **

Cambodia_smallCambodia* **

Morocco Morocco**


Mozambique_small Mozambique* **

Cape Verde_smallCape Verde* **

Nepal_small Nepal**

Central African Republic_smallCentral African Republic** #

Niger_small Niger* **

Chad_smallChad** #

Pakistan_small Pakistan


Peru_small Peru* **

Comoros_smallComores #

Philippines_small Philippines**

Democratic Republic of the Congo_smallDemocratic Republic of Congo* **

Rwanda  Rwanda* **

Dominican Republic_smallDominican Republic* **

Samoa_small Samoa


Sao Tome and Principe_small Sao Tomé et Principé
Egypt_smallEgypt* ** Senegal_small Senegal* **
El Salvador_smallEl Salvador Sierra Leone_small Sierra Leone** #
Ethiopia_smallEthiopia* ** Solomon Islands_small Solomon Islands
Fiji_smallFiji South Africa_small South Africa*
Gabon_smallGabon** south sudan_small South Sudan #

Sudan_small Sudan**

Ghana_smallGhana* ** ‌‌Saint-Vincent-and-the-Grenadines St Vincent and the Grenadines

Swaziland_small Swaziland

Guinea-Bissau_smallGuinea Bissau # Tajikistan_small Tajikstan
Haiti_smallHaïti** # Tanzania_small Tanzania* **
Honduras_smallHonduras* **

East Timor_small Timor Leste #


Togo_small Togo** #


Tonga_small Tonga


Uganda_small Uganda* **

Kenya_smallKenya* **

Vanuatu_small Vanuatu


Vietnam_small Vietnam* **


Zambia_small Zambia* **


* countries in the 2006 Survey

** countries in the 2008 Survey

# countries participating in the 2011 Survey on Monitoring the Principles for Good International Engagement in Fragile States